Baas GO! Supply Chain Project

Supply chain visibility enabled by RFID

Project Business Case/ Goal: Supply chain visibility enabled by RFID:


  • Container Centralen (CC) has started tagging all of their containers (3,5 million) as of January 2011 for identification and authentication of “genuine” CC-Containers.
  • Hence all parties involved with CC-Containers need to scan these tags to verify that the containers are ‘real’, authentic CC Containers.
  • Parties throughout the supply chain of Baas Plantenservice are scanning the RFID tags, by linking/gathering information while authenticating the CC-Container, this adds additional value to the various CC scan moments within the supply chain.
  • Baas Plantenservice can anticipate on this realtime data about CC-Containers (and thus goods) for their inbound processes.


Project Description: Mieloo & Alexander was responsible for design, development, implementation and support of the RFID Supply chain solution:

  • Mobile scan solution and Matreader solution for generation of real-time picking and loading information, goods receipt bookings and RTI intake registration.
  • This project has started from a successful pilot (completed in October 2011) and was immediately pushed into the next phase, meaning optimization of the hand scanner solutions, back end integration with the ERP system of Baas Plantenservice and roll out to 50 growers in the first 2 months.


Key figures:

  1. External roll out to 50 growers located in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany;
  2. Internal roll out to two sites of Baas Plantenservice, site Boskoop: 40 inbound docks, receiving > 14.000 containers a day (high season) and > 300.000 containers a year.