CC Scanning solutions – RFID Matreader

Next to the ‘RFID Stickreader’ M&A managed to design, test and build another product for the horti industry, namely the Matreader.

GASA GROUP is a major international trading company with around 360 employees, and is very active in the flower and plant business. As such, they handle a lot of produce being moved on CC Containers. Container Centralen (CC) has started tagging all of their containers as of January 2011, and all parties involved with CC Containers need to scan these tags to verify that the containers are ‘real’, authentic CC Containers. As manual scanning of these tags is very labor-intensive, GASA needed a solution for automatic scanning of the CC RFID tags. M&A was selected to provide this solution.


M&A delivered this project turn-key, with all sites and docks equipped with the M&A Matreader solution. This solution is capable of automatically identifying and authenticating CC Containers as they pass over embedded RFID antennas. The project was delivered over 3 different sites over the course of a 4 month period.


Key figures: CC has issued over 3 million RFID tags to be used for the identification and authentication throughout the world. GASA has implemented the M&A Matreader at 3 locations, of varying size. The largest site (Odense) has 13 docks equipped with Matreaders, using a total of 7 RFID readers. GASA Aalsmeer uses 4 docks, with 2 readers and GASA Kevelaer uses 1 very wide dock with 2 Matreaders side-by-side.

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