RFID enabled Linen Management System for Womitex

The main objective of the RLMS (RFID enabled Linen Management System) is to provide visibility of individual (and aggregated) linen articles in the supply chain by collecting and processing events. An event is generated by linen read points ‘in the field’ at strategic locations.

Project description: Womitex rents linen products to its customers (mostly hotels) and provides additional services with it. Most customers have a lease contract for a dedicated pool of linen products. Womitex manages this pool by washing it after usage (outsourced to laundries) and returning it clean to the hotel. M&A will, for the first time, offer transparency to the linen movements in this pool, by sewing an RFID tag into each towel. The movements of these towels will then be made visible by a track & trace system implemented by M&A.

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